Modern Design- Floral Art

The reason we love what we do? We are artists, and we love to work with the colours of nature.  We are forever inspired by unusual branches, exotic foliages, and the vast assortment of flowers available to our team.  The selections below are examples of what we can make for you, but if you don't see quite what you are looking for, call Poppies and together we'll come up with a design that is perfect for your occassion.

**If we don't have exactly what you see in the product you have selected, we will strive to make the arrangement as similar as possible, or we will contact you to offer alternatives if we have different flowers in the cooler that day.  

**Due to the typhoon in Singapore, we will have no mokara or dendrobium orchids this week. Our thoughts are with those who are being impacted by the tragic effects of this storm.

Lotus Bowl
Lotus Bowl $55.00
Scarlet From $45.00
Bliss $85.00
Exquisite From $140.00
Refined From $65.00
Zen From $45.00
Pistachio From $75.00
Poetry From $85.00
Visage Blanc
Visage Blanc From $48.00
Visage Noir
Visage Noir From $48.00
Tres Chic
Tres Chic From $60.00
Asian Sun
Asian Sun From $70.00