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Floral Design Course

You can now begin to learn the art of floral design in a full day course offered by Poppies in Victoria, BC. Next course September 9th, 2018

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Oh, so many flowers!

When you pause to consider the bio-diversity on this planet, it makes your jaw drop. It's hard to conceive of the incredible imagination of Mother Nature as she gave life to this world of ours. And when it comes to flowers, Nature's creativity in finding ways to procreate through an often complex relationship with the wind, rain, insects or animal life and a blossom on a plant is awe inspiring.

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It's in the blood....

The flower business is in my blood. I was born and raised surrounded by buckets, bows, flowers and fridges... and my father, who was the biggest influence in my life. He wanted to pass along to his first born daughter all the knowledge he had cultivated in his lifetime of working in a flower shop. He, too, was born into the flower biz; his father had started the legacy in 1938 with his wife, my grandma.

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